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About us

Who we are

Roger Arsinoe

Founder & CEO

Roger is filled with enthusiasm and energy. The creative force behind Twofinder provides inspiration and innovative ideas for expansion and growth at your convenience.

With a degree in Design and Architecture, Roger then made a total change of direction to the business sector. He spends his leisure time on global travel and studying History.

Joel Bannister

Technical Director

The technical element of brings Roger’s ideas back down to Earth making them feasible. With a degree in Physics, Joel first made use of his theoretical knowledge in the Stock Exchange. He likes to dedicate his rare leisure time to sport of all kinds — skiing, diving, cycling and many other sports.

Scott Miller

Product Manager

Product development and marketing are the keys to success and Scott knows how to unlock these. He has a degree in Finance and recently obtained his MBA. Besides the business sector, Scott is actively engaged in social enterprises.

He is fluent in five languages and likes to keep in shape by long-distance running in any weather conditions.


Our mission

Twofinder is an international rental platform for people seeking mid- to long-term rentals. Twofinder is continually growing at present to include new destinations and a diverse choice of properties – from a cozy private room in a shared apartment to a modern studio or spacious apartment.

Our mission is to make renting properties easy, enjoyable and safe. We verify personal profiles and listings, because your safety is our number one concern.

Twofinder assists and guides you before, during and after the transaction. It is merely up to you which Twofinder services you utilize.

Twofinder is partnered with real estate agents, social media groups and student organizations. Real estate agents can make extra money in our affiliate program by posting the ads of their clients or searching directly in Twofinder for the latest offers.

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