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10+ Tips for Successfully Selling or Renting Your Property

Do you wish to have the most professional presentation of the property you have to rent? Show your property in the best light to potential tenants, by uploading up to 15 photos of the interior and surroundings to give them a better overview of the property. Twofinder will process the images into a presentation video with background music for a visual tour to tempt interested tenants.

When taking the photos, shoot them from the angle which shows as much floor space of the room as possible. This enables potential tenants to imagine the presented space. Do not shoot from eye level, rather crouch or kneel to create images taken from about 2-3 feet above floor level. Shoot during daylight hours only. However, in daylight take the photos with a flash and turn on all the room lights. Take at least 3 times as many photos as you need. In this way, you will have sufficient images to choose from.

Property owner: If you are posting the ad on Twofinder as the property owner, you will shortly be contacted by a real estate agent, who will provide you with professional services to find a suitable tenant. He or she will organize viewings, including up to signing a lease contract with the most suitable tenant. Choose an empathetic and understanding agent who knows precisely what the client is searching for and has a few options on hand, so as not to waste time showing properties that do not match the selected criteria.

Renter: If you are a tenant who is working through an agent, be clear about what you liked and disliked about the previously visited apartment, or the agent cannot find any suitable residence to meet your needs. When visiting the apartment, take the time you need to ask questions. However, try not to stay longer than 30 minutes. In case you would like to take some photos of your own of the property, always ask for permission. Tenants must calculate the agent’s fee which can range from 8–15 % of the total annual lease. There are only two ways of avoiding an agent’s fee – either finding the apartment directly without the assistance of an agent, or finding an agent whose fee is paid by the landlord.

Sharing: If you share the apartment with others, it is essential that you have responsible and reliable flatmates. In the case of any of your flatmates not paying his/ her share of the rental, then all parties are in violation of the lease.

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